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Benefits Of QR Codes

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    As from EUR 100 yearly
    QR plans

    Make your print campaigns interactive with a simple and cost effective technology.
    Be innovative in your customer service: put a QR Code on your business cards.

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    Create QR Codes In A Snap

    Unitag includes professional features:

    • High resolution
    • Customisation
    • Real time tracking
    • Batch generation
    • Dynamic content

    • Customised High Rez QR Codes
    • Easy to Create Dynamic QR Codes
    • Scaning QR Code
  • Website

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    By scanning this type of QR Code, users will be directed to your webpage and will discover information about your company, products/services

    Business card

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    A contact card with the details you entered: name, address, phone number, email etc., is automatically stored in the contact list of the smartphone


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    You can share your events with customers when they scan your QR code; users are prompted to save the event to their smartphone's calendar

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